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STEM Academy is currently offering After School STEM enrichment programs at the following schools (Please see below for all schools listing and start times).  All programs run for 1 hr and start 10 mins after school ends.  
You may sign-up by filling out our registration form, or contacting us by phone (202-460-4250) or email:
Summary of Activities to be offered 2022/2023 academic year: 


Robotics Engineer: (Fall/Winter/Spring session)

Build your own robot while learning about electrical circuit theory, electrical components, servo motors, photo-resistors, infrared sensors, and transmitters.  Electrical components: Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, etc. and application in systems - illustrated by building FM radios, lie detectors, Automated streetlamps and having fun with flying saucers


Flier Afterschool  Fall 2022 Winter Spring 2023.jpg
list of schools, rooms, start and end time of each program. 

Electronics Lab

Youth will learn about the exciting world of radio communications and electronics while working with electronic circuit components and integrated circuit such as diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers and timer circuits.  Participants will also gain fundamental circuitary skills such as soldering, resistance and capacitance identification, and element connection as they build technology devices such as AM and FM Radios, Lie detectors and Morsecode trasmitters.

Autonomous Robotics

Youth will explore the state-of-the-art field of autonomous robotics as they work in teams to build, program and redesign autonomous robots. They will be introduced to electrical circuit theory, electrical component, programmable microcontroller interfacing, servo motors, photoresistors, infrared sensors and transmitters. This class also features several motivating robot programming competitions which will keep students alert, team-spirited and professional.

Underwater Robotics

Youth will build underwater robots made up of everyday materials such as PVC pipes and canister tubes. The kits for these robots were developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and are known as “Sea Perches”.  This project will expose youth significantly to several engineering possibilities and their application in their immediate environment. The impact of this activity enhances the progress of the community since these devices are similar to the ones used by BP to help plug the oil leak off the Louisiana coast that occurred in 2010. 

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